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My name is Katie Swisher and I am crazy about food. Not only do I love eating food, but I love creating and experimenting with it too! I learned pretty much everything I know about food from my mother. Her cooking will always be my favorite. After being inspired by my mom and developing a passion for food, I decided to get my bachelor of science degree in Food Science and Technology. This allowed me to turn my passion into a career!

My gluten free journey began in college in 2011 when I was experiencing gastrointestinal issues on a daily basis. I was a collegiate athlete competing in track and cross country and these issues were greatly impacting my performance. My body was not absorbing nutrients as it should which led to serious anemia (iron deficiency). I was taking 3 iron pills a day at one point to try and keep my iron levels up (that’s ALOT of iron). I had the doctors flustered. They couldn’t determine how I was losing so much iron and many of them thought I was losing blood somewhere. However, all tests and x-rays displayed that I was a healthy, young athlete. I definitely didn’t feel healthy though! After a plethora of tests and doctor visits, it was finally determined that gluten may be the culprit. I immediately started a gluten free diet and my gastrointestinal issues began to disappear. I supplemented with lots of probiotics and fermented foods to re-build the healthy bacteria in my gut that had been destroyed by years of consuming sugary, high carb foods. Eventually, my stomach lining was completely healed and my body was finally absorbing iron from foods. My lab tests displayed normal iron levels when I wasn’t taking iron pills! That was an exciting moment for me. It was a long road of trying to figure out my new way of eating but thankfully, I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband (the handsome guy in the photo below), a supportive family, and great friends who all helped to make this dietary transition much easier.

I created this blog to share my gluten free recipes and tips on living a healthy lifestyle. I want to be able to help others that have experienced some of the same struggles that I have. I know first hand that it isn’t easy going through a major dietary change by yourself. Whether you are someone that needs to be gluten free for health reasons or someone that is just looking for a tasty recipe, I would love to be your go-to resource!

Although my diet is not 100% grain free, you will notice that many of my recipes are grain free or paleo. I choose to limit the amount of grains and added sugars I eat because it makes me feel better both mentally and physically. However, life is short. If I decide that I want a gluten free pizza with a carb-filled crust, I have it! I just don’t make it a daily thing 🙂

I hope that you are able to enjoy my recipes and information as much as I do. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to chat 🙂

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Katie Swisher

about katie
Photo credit goes to Jesse Guzik at Dressed in Pixels. He does an amazing job. Check out his work at www.dressedinpixels.com



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